Foam Roofing in Laughlin AFB, TX

Rubber Restoration

From Simple Leak Repairs to Complete Roof Restoration, Our Team is Ready to Help!

When you need lasting roofing solutions, come to the courteous professionals at MAC Construction & Roofing. Our company has given over a decade of roofing service to our clients in TX. Value-centric work is our forte, and we provide solutions for business owners alike. Talk to one of our experts at (972) 638-8173.

Why Foam Roofing?

For a seamless rooftop, powerful waterproofing, and superior sunlight reflection, it’s hard to do better than foam roofing. Installation is simple: spray foam only requires a short time to harden after it has been sprayed. Once the final protective coating is applied over the top, your seamless, energy-saving roof will be good to go! When your roofing system is almost ready for replacement, talk to our crew at (972) 638-8173 about foam roofing in Laughlin AFB, TX.

Roof Coatings

Visible Gap in Flat Roof

Roof Coatings are Especially Valuable for Repairing Gaps Like This One in Waterproofing.

At MAC Construction & Roofing, we’re always working to help you conserve money and take advantage of your existing roof. To that end, we offer numerous restoration services to help you lengthen the life of your roof. Besides creating a ten year extension on their roof’s lifetime, commercial clients regularly see a noticeable improvement in performance. It’s a double win: your company avoids total roof replacement for ten years and reduces expenditures in the long run.

Most importantly, your business is protected as coatings repair minor holes and cracks in your roofing system. Most businesses see a dramatic improvement in solar reflection with specially designed coatings, such as acrylic. Reduced radiation absorption lowers the demands on your HVAC system, which in turn provides lower emissions and higher energy efficiency. How much could your company save by getting a roof coating?

If you want to find more details about roof coatings in Laughlin AFB, TX, why not take a peak of our list of services below? For more info on applications and prices, speak with our team at (972) 638-8173. It’s hard to discover a more trusted coating team than the crew at MAC Construction & Roofing.

  • Flat Roof Coatings Avoid roof leaks caused by trapped rain water; choose one of our flat roof coatings for heightened protection.
  • Metal Roof Restoration Has your company’s metal roof started to lose its shine? Ask our specialists about a roof coating for your metal roofing.
  • Rubber Roofing Restoration Rubber roofing requires trained craft when it comes to restoration. Talk to our experts about your options now
  • Industrial Roof Coatings Industrial roofing systems have to resist corrosion on a daily basis. Protect your company’s existing structure; boost your roof’s water and solar protection with an industrial roof coating.
  • Urethane Modified Acrylic Looking for an modified version of a reflective acrylic coating? Ask about our leak-blocking, urethane-modified acrylic.

Commercial Services

Green Metal Roofing

Our Specialists Can Help Your Business Find the Perfect, Energy-Efficient Roofing System!

When it comes to finding solutions for our enterprise clients, our team pursues the most cost-effective, lasting options. That’s why we work to provide roofing options like cool roofs and green systems that allow you to continually save on energy consumption year after year. From the newest SPF spray foam roofing to popular single ply roofing, our experts provide all sorts of roofing materials at MAC Construction & Roofing. We even provide ways to increase the life of your current roof, such as roof restoration.

Has a serious thunderstorm left your company’s roof in disrepair? Is your company bleeding funds from HVAC expenses because your rooftop can’t block out the heat? No matter what your problems are, our specialists can provide rapid solutions for your company. Talk to our courteous professionals at (972) 638-8173 and ask about our commercial services in Laughlin AFB, TX.

  • Single Ply Roofing If your business is searching for cost-effective commercial roofing with strong weather defense, consider our single ply roofing service.
  • Modified Bitumen Modified bitumen provides adaptability for cyclical temperature changes, plus durable strength and protection.
  • Commercial Roof Repairs Our repair service starts with a comprehensive inspection, so you can be sure your system is in perfect health afterwards.
  • Built Up Roofing Don’t go to amateurs with built up roofing’s exacting installation; trust your installation to the experts.
  • Flat Roofing Repairs / Install Level roofing one of the most practical styles of commercial roof design. Bring your enterprise’s maintenance needs and installation projects to our crew!
  • Commercial Roof Installation If your business needs dependable, cost-effective installation, speak with our team about discovering your specific solution.
  • Commercial Roofing Replacement Every roof requires replacement after so many years.
  • Industrial Roofing Contractor Industrial roofing requires the strongest roofing solutions. You can depend on our skilled crew for your maintenance, installations, and restoration needs.

Cool (Reflective) Roofs

Rooftop HVAC Units

Reflective Roofing Would Allow Your Business to Save Energy During Daylight Hours.

Reflective roofing minimizes the strain on your HVAC unit, especially during the hot summer months. Reflective roofing strives to block ultraviolet radiation from the sun, which is typically absorbed by your rooftop. Removing the extra heat caused by UV rays, your HVAC system gets to relax its energy consumption as it conditions your building. During the year (especially in the summer), your company’s energy expenses could be greatly diminished.

Roof Restoration

Are holes, water damage, and rust starting to pop up on a regular basis on your roofing system? Commercial roofing systems (especially flat roofing) are often vulnerable to pooling water and intense sunlight, until they start to require repairs on a regular basis. Call (972) 638-8173 and schedule a roof inspection before you begin looking for a replacement, and see if our team can extend the life of your roof with one of these coatings.

  • Silicone Roof Coatings If your business desires more dependable waterproofing and protection from wind-blown debris, try one of our silicone coatings! Find a price quote when you reach out to our specialists.
  • Acrylic Coatings Minimize your system’s sunlight absorption with a reflective acrylic coating, then delight in the energy savings.
  • Polyurea Restoration With a simple covering process, your business will love a polyurea coating’s water and chemical roof protection.
  • Elastomeric Coating Minor abrasions and tears are no problem for elastomeric coatings, which also maximize sunlight reflection.

Your Flat Roof Restoration Experts

Flat Roof System with AC

Our Professional Roofers Know How to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Flat Roof System.

Believe in our experience for your business roofing projects. At MAC Construction & Roofing, our roofing professionals share a deep well of experience. Our team offers a high standard of professionalism and skill to each roof we work on. This is why we continue to offer commercial services, and foam roofing in Laughlin AFB, TX and the surrounding communities. Phone us at (972) 638-8173 and talk with one of our kind veteran roofers. Discover how our customers continually select us for their roofing needs.