What to Do When You Have a Roof Leak?

Roof Leak

A Roof Leak Can Lead To Damage Throughout Your Home If Not Repaired.

Roof leaks are a common issue that many homeowners have to deal with over the course of owning their residential property. You may have read a lot of intimidating information regarding how much damage a simple leak can cause your home. If you discover that your home is dealing with a roofing leak, don’t think there is nothing you can do. The first and most important step to take it to know what is in your power and to not panic. A roof leak can arise when your roofing system takes damage from a storm, such as hail or high winds tossing debris. When you find water leaking into your home you can:

  • Find the source of the leak along your roofing structure. Look along your roof if possible and try to spot any visible daylight from the outside.
  • Use a temporary patch to stop the progress of the leak. This will prevent water from seeping into your home for a short while until you can have a roofer come out to inspect the system.
  • Safeguard your belongings by moving them away from the source of the leak. You can also cover them to protect them from receiving water stains and damage.
  • Contact our roofers and schedule an inspection and roofing repair. We will assess your whole roof to find any other roof leak and repair it at the same time to restore your defenses.

Can A Roof Leak Cause Mold?

When there is a roof leak, it is very important to get it inspected and repaired as soon as you can. While you should not allow yourself to stress, quick repairs can make the difference in preventing lasting damage and further issues in your home. Roof leaks and water can cause harm to your property and your home’s structure as the water that seeps in creates a favorable environment for mildew, wood rot, and harmful mold. While mildew and wood rot is bad, mold can not only harm your walls, it can be detrimental to your and your loved ones, especially for those with pre-existing respiratory concerns. It causes irritation to the eyes, nose, lungs and more, leaving inhabitants feeling unwell. The sooner a roof leak is repaired and the excess moisture is taken care of, the less likely mold will find your home habitable.

Is a Leaky Roof Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Checking your insurance policy is always a must when dealing with roofing damage and other home issues. You may be concerned about whether or not it will handle your roof leak and any incidental water damage that occurs within the home. You will be pleased to learn that unless dealing with extenuating circumstance, the likelihood that your insurance will cover the damage is pretty high. Unless you have been remiss on the care and keeping of your roofing system, your insurance provider will be happy to work with you and your roofing contractor on getting your roof back to its best and helping you handle any water damage within the home. Are you looking to get started on a roofing insurance claim or need roof leak repair in Midlothian and Waxahachie, TX? MAC Construction & Roofing is your source for expert repair services and quality technique! We are always available to assist you with your roofing needs. Give us a call today at (972) 638-8173 to have our experts complete inspection and start working with your insurance!

The Surprising Product That Can Eliminate Hail Damage

When it comes to your roof, hail can do major damage. Between insurance requirements, roofer scouting, and material selection, a severely damaged roof can end in a stressful, costly situation. But today, there is a material that can not only protect your roofing system but provide repairs for hail divots and damages.

Get Optimal Hail Damage Protection With a Silicone Roof Coating

Don’t Let Hail Damage Get the Best of Your Roof. Call Our Experts for a Tougher Defense.

Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone is a made from extremely flexible polymers that bond together to form a solid surface as it cures. Silicone roof coatings apply that protection and resilience to your roofing system. Once applied, this type of coating can last upwards of 10 years, and they can be reapplied with ease. Equipped with UV resistance, water protection, and mold and mildew resistance, this coating can be applied to almost any type of roof to deliver much more than just hail protection. Silicone coatings can be applied at a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof system, and offer years of optimal protection.

You Have Other Options, Too

Along with silicone coatings, polyurea and acrylic coatings are also available. Acrylic coatings are affordable alternatives that can be used on most roofing systems and offer outstanding protection against the elements. Polyurea is slightly more costly but works well on commercial and urban roofing because of its impeccable chemical and toxin resistance.

Roof coatings like silicone can deliver unbeatable protection for your roof while providing repair and reinforcement for current damages. Talk to the roofing team at MAC Construction & Roofing to find out which type of roof coating will be best for your needs by calling (972) 638-8173.

3 Reasons to Schedule Roof Inspections

Going Through Checklist

An Experienced Roof Inspector Can Offer Advice to Help You Plan Your Future Roof.

Do you ever wonder why roofers recommend getting roof inspections at least once a year? You might think it’s a gimmick, but inspections and basic maintenance are important parts of protecting your home year after year. If you’ve been putting it off, here are three key reasons to schedule those roof inspections.

Reason #1: Spotting Damage Early

Perhaps the primary reason homeowners avoid getting an inspection is fear that some unexpected damage will pop up. That’s exactly why you should get an inspection! By addressing minor damages (such as water leaks or loose roofing material) early, you prevent larger damages or even premature roof replacement.

Reason #2: Preventative Maintenance

One of the best parts of regular inspections is the way they help you avoid damages. Your roof is like a person going to visit the doctor on an annual checkup. Your doctor can point out ways to improve your health, even if you aren’t sick. That’s the beauty of roof inspections: you don’t have to wait for an emergency to start keeping your roof healthy.

Reason #3: Future Planning

Roofing inspectors are some of the most under-utilized specialists around. “How?” you may ask. Your inspector is an experienced expert, knowledgeable on the latest roofing technology, styles, and tips. If your roof is approaching its age limit, try talking with your roof inspector about what new materials could benefit your home. You might not need roof replacement now, but you can start planning and saving ahead of time to get the best roof available.

Take advantage of roof inspections to plan ahead and keep your roof in good health! For more information about roofing practices, or to schedule an inspection, you’re welcome to talk with the courteous folks at MAC Construction & Roofing. Give us a call at (972) 638-8173.