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Industrial Roofing Systems Require a Roof Coating That Endures Against Weather and Chemicals.

There are many types of commercial roof systems, and the type you require depends on the work that building is most often used for. Manufacturing facility roof systems are especially in need of more strength, as they’re vulnerable to damage from smoke and steam on the top of the roof. If you own a facility roof, you’ll have to ensure your roof is protected by top quality industrial roofing materials. Industrial roof systems need industrial-level materials when you are considering industrial roof restoration options as well. If you’re interested in discovering more about industrial roof coatings in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX, call MAC Construction & Roofing today at (972) 638-8173 to begin.

Industrial Roof Coating Professionals

Often times, clients ask us how industrial roof coatings vary from traditional commercial roof coatings. The answer is pretty simple, in that industrial roof systems come in contact with more elements that can created damage over time. Thanks to this reason, industrial roof coatings are especially weather and damage resistant. We additionally ensure that these coatings are particularly flexible, so that they can fit to all of the seams and extensions from the rooftop. Just about any object that sticks through the roof top creates a potential leak, but the right coating will provide total protection regardless. Installed properly, you can count on an industrial roof coating to not only extend the lifespan of your roof system by up to a decade, but to also defend it from damages at that time.

Prices For Industrial Roof Coatings

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Industrial Coatings Provide Added Seam Protection and Higher Reflectance Against UV Light.

If you need the benefits of a repaired industrial roof system, but you do not want to purchase a brand-newnew roof system, an industrial roof coating might be the most effective solution! Roof coatings also enable you to save money on roofing removal and dumping fees, because the coatings can apply on top of your former roofing system. Our industrial roof coatings in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX are affordable, efficient, and a smart option. Call (972) 638-8173 to begin now, or to ask for an estimate from a qualified roof contractor. Be sure to ask about our reflective roofing materials for increased energy efficiency.