Affordable Metal Roof Coatings

Spraying a Restorative Coating

Roof Coatings Can Help Bring Back the Shine of Your Dulled Metal System.

Do you depend on a metal roofing installation to defend your commercial structure from the elements? While commercial metal roof systems are among the best roofing solutions in the industry, they’re not completely immune from damages! A basic metal roof coating could be the ideal solution to small damages like loss of shine, scratches and bumps. To discover more about metal roof coatings in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX, give our crew of roof professionals a ring today at (972) 638-8173. We have a large variety of roof restoration methods available, and our roofers can help you prolong the lifespan of your metal roof even further.

What Is A Metal Roof Coating?

In simple terms, a metal roof coating is a durable material that covers the top layer of a metal roof system. Any small problems on the roofing are quickly sealed with a roof coating, and luster is restored to the metal as well. By restoring luster to an aged or dull metal roof, the roof coating even manages to restore the energy efficiency you can see in a newer roof system. Roof coatings are particularly durable, and will add the overall strength of your roofing system as they fix small damages with ease.

Getting the repairs you need is not only less costly with metal roof coatings than with total roof replacement, but also just as efficient! If you are seeing accelerated aging on your metal roofing, be sure to look into metal roof restoration options prior to replacement. Save yourself the cost and stress of purchasing a new roof system, and get an additional 10 years out of your existing roof system!

Quality Metal Roof Coatings

Spraying an Acrylic Coating

Some Coatings Provide Incredible Reflective Capability to Lower Your HVAC Energy Consumption.

To ask for a quote for metal roof coatings in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX, contact our professional roof contractors at (972) 638-8173! Our roof contractors are experienced as well as thoroughly trained in roof restoration for all types of roof systems, and we are glad to answer any questions you might have. There are several metal roof coating options on the market, and we are happy to help you choose! Be sure to ask about our many roof restoration services!