Commercial Roof Installations

Heat Sealing a Bitumen Roof

Our Team Utilizes the Latest Technology to Ensure Your Roof Provides Maximum Protection.

Are you searching for more efficient roofs for your commercial structure? Proper installation plays an important role in how well your roof will perform, as well as how long it will serve your building. If your previous roof is needing replacement sooner than expected, or if you have had recurring repair issues with your roof from the beginning, your current installation was likely done improperly. In order to supply our clients with quality commercial roof installations in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX, we at MAC Construction & Roofing thoroughly train each of our employees on the correct installation methods. Speak to an experienced roofer at (972) 638-8173 to request appointment availability and ask for your quote today!

Our Commercial Roof Installations

Generally speaking, commercial roof systems are designed to be low-slope, or even entirely flat. Perfect for keeping energy costs low, along with providing the building a secure spot for heating and cooling units, these flat roofing designs serve commercial structures well. However, these roof systems can be tricky to apply for an amateur, which leads to repair after repair for you! That’s why our roofing professionals are highly taught to specialize in commercial roof installation. Among our roofing types, you can locate choices for improved energy efficiency, along with options for better leak defenses. We can assist you with a wide selection of top quality and cost-effective roofing choices that can effectively defend your building from the elements. We keep our solutions affordable, and we never sacrifice quality, as you can see in each roof we finish.

The Right Commercial Roof Professionals For Your Building

Installation Tools for Flat Roof

Our Team is Fully Trained and Equipped to Handle Any Sort of Commercial Roofing Installation.

If you have an unusual roof system, our experts have the right solutions for your building too! No matter what your price-range or roofing type may be, our roofers have the expertise to assist you! We have been offering excellent commercial roof installations in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX for a long time, and we stand by the quality and reliability of our work. For roofing solutions that are both affordable and professional, get in touch with our crew at (972) 638-8173 and ask for an estimate with our dependable technicians. We can’t wait to service your property, in the same way we have been helping our community for years!