Professional Flat Roof Leak Detection

Bitumen Starting to Crack

Aging Materials Start to Crack, Leaving Them Exposed to Leaks and Further Corrosion.

Are you worried that your flat roof is displaying signs of leaking or other disrepair? The structure of the building can be hurt by any sort of moisture leak, not to mention the mold that will flourish if the leak is not repaired. So as soon as you locate the leak, it’s essential to have it repaired right away, but the leaks are often hard to locate. If you need flat roof leak detection in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX for an affordable price, be sure to contact the experts at MAC Construction & Roofing! Through the use of special roof leak detection equipment, we can swiftly pinpoint the source of disrepair, and promptly provide you the repair services you need. Set up your appointment today by contacting (972) 638-8173, and make sure to ask about the additional services we provide!

Flat Roof Leaks

Flat roof leaks are a regular problem unfortunately, simply because flat roofs need a significant amount of maintenance to remain in top condition, and it can be difficult for building owners to keep pace with the maintenance schedule. In order to make sure a roof leak does not become worse, or hurt the roof system anymore, the repair process should begin right away. Since leaks can get larger so swiftly, they do have the potential to hurt the building’s structure if they are not repaired.

Any weakened or damaged areas of the roof are made visible with our technology, which ensures precise repairs. It even enables us to locate small leaks before they can add any major damages to your roof system. Our flat roof leak detection options are affordable, specialized, and designed to supply you with the fast assistance you need. Afterwards, we can follow up with special coating to repair the cracks in your roof.

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A Roof Coating to Cover Degradation

After an Inspection, Our Specialist Will be Able to Offer Repairs or Alternative Solutions.

Don’t wait for your flat roofing to fail or collapse! We provide speedy as well as affordable flat roof leak detection in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX, and we can help you get your roof in top condition once more. We’ll begin work on patching the roof as soon as we find the leak. Schedule your flat roof leak survey now by talking with the roofing professionals at (972) 638-8173!