Green Roof Installation Service

Have you been noticing increasingly high energy bills for your company building, possibly caused by your old roof system? Our company’s green roof installation in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX is a great way to cut back on energy expenses, as well as lessen your building’s environmental impact. Our crew is extremely experienced in the roof industry, and we can assist you with a variety of top-quality roof services. If you’d like to learn more about how our crew can assist you, give our office a ring at (972) 638-8173!

Green Vegetation Growing on the Rooftop

One Version of Green Roofing Takes a Literal Approach, Helps to Purify the Air by Absorbing Carbon.

What is A Green Roof?

Despite how frequently the phrase green roofing is utilized, it can be difficult to determine precisely what that means, as it’s often utilized in different contexts. In some cases, green roofing can refer to a solution that lowers your building’s carbon footprint, such as a roof coating. Roof coatings are known to be very easy to apply over existing roof systems, which means that the application process also does not require sending large amounts of waste to landfills. Furthermore, roof coatings can bolster a building’s UV resistance, which later leads to less energy consumption. In those ways, roof coatings are considered a green roofing solution. Roofing systems that decrease sunlight absorption and your HVAC unit’s energy consumption (also known as cool roofing) are commonly considered “green” as well.

Green roofing can also reference roofs that are actually covered with living vegetation. More commonly utilized in European cities, these roofing systems provide a dual purpose of both cooling the structure, and the air surrounding the building. Roofs with live plants have been proven to drastically reduce the temperature of their area. Furthermore, these types of green roof systems play a part in creating additional growing space for native plant species. Green roof installation in this context reduces the urban heat effect, and reduces the amount of greenhouse gases produced by urban structures. Some buildings even utilize their green roofing systems to plant vegetable gardens, or create habitats for threatened bird species.

Green Roofing at Its Finest

Call our office today at (972) 638-8173 to find out more about green roof installation in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX as well as the surrounding areas. If you are interested in green roofing options, our team of experienced roofing contractors is glad to assist you. We’re also proud to work with quality roofing products to ensure our clients get the very best out of their green roof solutions!