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Replacing an Old Shingle Roof

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Your roofing system is designed to protect your house, but similarly to any area of your house, it can only do so for a finite length of time. Though a roof replacement can look like a huge undertaking, the roofing experts at MAC Construction & Roofing are capable as well as reliable. Our experience works to your advantage, as it allows us to complete your roof replacement quicker than many of the less experienced roofers in the area. All house repairs seem to happen at inconvenient moments, but roof replacement is typically considered the least convenient. In most cases, most roofing issues seem to occur at the worst possible times, but you can depend on our experienced team to walk you through it.

Our team can take on any home roof installation job, small or large. Pay attention to the indicators that your roofing system may need replacement. If the moment has come for a new roofing system, contact our team at (972) 638-8173. For any residential roof replacement in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX, go with the experts at MAC Construction & Roofing.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

It typically boils down to a matter of degree whether a roofing system needs replacement. A small number of damaged shingles can usually be fixed. An entire replacement roof will become required with too many damaged shingles, however. If you aren’t sure if your roof can continue to protect your home, talk to our specialists about an inspection.

Missing or Damaged Shingles: A large number of cracked, buckled, curled, or missing shingles means that a roof requires replacement. Simply replacing lots of torn shingles will make your roof look like a patch job. Also, displaced or broken shingles can signal more substantial, lurking dangers in your roof. High winds can not only separate shingles, but also loosen them for the next big storm.

Age: Since aging provides one of the clearest signals of a necessity for roof replacement, one should never gloss over expired material. For instance, most shingle roofing systems persist for around two decades. You need to (at minimum) contact us for an inspection if you have possessed your roofing system that long. An aged roofing system may appear okay, but a professional will be able tell you for sure.

Water Stains: A roofing system that fails to keep water out of the interior of your home has proven unsuccessful at its chief purpose. If you have a leaking roof, contact our expert team for a review now. Even though leaks can get fixed, you should at least think about roof replacement.

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Residential Roof Replacement

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Select MAC Construction & Roofing, the leader in residential roof replacement in Midlothian and Mansfield, TX. If you’ve identified one or more of the preceding symptoms on your roof, give our team a call at (972) 638-8173. To save you the hassle of complete roof failure, we can start an inspection and roof replacement operation today.